Hair Removal and Skin Treatment with elos

elos Laser Treatment

Elos is the first and only technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of optical energy (light or laser) and bi-polar radio frequency (RF). This revolutionary technology platform, developed by IPL inventor and patent-holder, Dr. Shimon Eckhouse together with master physicist, Dr. Michael Kreindel, introduces a perfectly goos way to overcome all safety and procedural limitations imposed in intense pulse light (IPL) and conventional laser treatments.

The treatment is very pleasant and, by the end of one session, you will experience a pleasant tension on the treatment area and feel your skin moisturised, meaning that the oxygen,  the nutrients and the active principles have penetrated the skin deeply and have begun the process of rehabilitation.

The diagram to the right shows the process of elos technology treatment. You can observe how the Light Energy is focused, thus preventing any possible damage to the surrounding tissue.

elos technology vs IPL technology

Elos is a newer technology which uses a wider range of energy to treat more skin types and hair colours, and therefore achieves better results for your skin – Your MyLaserWorks Elos Professional can usually achieve your results in a lot fewer consultations than with the basic IPL treatment process.

The Elos Difference

  • Bi-polar radio frequency is a highly controllable energy heat source and works synergistically with optical energy
  • Makes it possible to use light energy at a safe level for all skin types (using less optical energy than conventional IPLs and lasers)
  • Doesn’t pose any kind of additional risk to the epidermis
  • Areas “preheated” by optical energy are precisely targeted, thus avoiding cool areas
  • Provides enhanced penetration for better results of the treatment

State-of-Art Safety Features

  •  The sapphire treatment tip’s chilled contact cooling helps in maximizing efficiency, by directing RF energy deeper into the dermis, and in maximizing safety, by directing RF energy away from the epidermis
  • Temperature feedback is provided by the Active Dermal Monitoring™ in “real time”, with each pulse
  • Energy pulse is prevented if RF electrodes are not coupled with the help of the contact check
  • The practitioner is guided to the treatment zone by the numeric impedance measurement  (10-20%)